Main Electric Service Upgrade

                At current Electric service we pride ourselves in being service upgrade experts, from estimating to completion we will painlessly guide you through the entire process.

                First call to schedule an appointment with in a 2 hour service window to have a fully licensed electrician come out and evaluate your existing electrical system.

                Then the electrician will write you an estimate on how much the job will cost and walk you through all the options available for your application so you understand what is going to happen during the entire process.

               What to expect on the day of the service  upgrade, first we will show up at the scheduled time, next we will prep your area and layout all material needed to complete job, then with in the first hour of us doing the job we will shut off all power to the property and remove all parts not needed to power your new system, once that is done the electrician will install all of the new equipment per National Electrical Code (wire in all existing circuits, hook up main wires). Once the new system is properly installed the technician will power everything up and label all breakers to the areas the cover.

               After the new system has been installed and tested we will schedule with you what day the inspector can come and inspect your new system, most cities and counties schedule inspections the day after we call them in and do not give us a window of time the inspection will occur, please contact your local building department for more info on scheduled inspection times.

               Don't forget to ask your installer about whole house surge protection.

Call to make an appointment (303)373-1715