Main Panel surge protection

                Main panel surge protectors have come out with in the last decade to protect your property from surges coming in on your main power lines, the surge arrestor unit is installed in parallel with your existing in coming power source and stops surges up to 150,000amps in less than 5 Nano seconds.

                Have you ever had a TV or DVD player just stop working for no apparent reason? It could have been an electrical surge that came in on your power lines and destroyed a component in the device.

                No more worrying during a lightning storm, the surge arrestor we install is strong enough to stop a lightning strike coming in on your power lines before it attacks your computer, cordless phone, stove, refrigerator, flat screen TV, cable box, A/V receiver, PlayStation, Xbox, garage door opener and microwave oven.

                Having a main panel surge arrestor installed in your main panel is like plugging a surge strip into every outlet in your property. Protect your investments and call to have one of our technicians install a main panel surge arrestor in your panel before itís too late.

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